Even in dire circumstances, the Filipino spirit always shines through. This is evident through the many heroes who dedicate their lives to helping others. With the theme “Lumiliwanag ang Mundo sa Kwento ng Pasko,” this year’s ABS-CBN Christmas Campaign highlights how the Filipino spirit always shines through despite calamities that ravage our country. It shows how Filipinos become bearers of light, as they help their countrymen get back on their feet, and how they remain resilient because kindness never runs out in this nation filled with people who are always ready and willing to help.

These simple stories of heroism set apart this year’s campaign as it encourages viewers to share the light through these heroic deeds. Modern day heroes involved in these stories bravely and selflessly spread the light during past calamities thus, the station ID aims to inspire and shed light on more Filipinos to do the same.

This year’s offering features hundreds of Kapamilya stars paying tribute to ordinary Filipino heroes, at the same time helping spread the light across the globe.


The Parol, a Pinoy Christmas icon, is this year’s Christmas campaign centerpiece. The icon on the center of the parol has been designed by kids orphaned during Typhoon Sendong. This, in turn, is used as an instrument of light spreading around the world.

The Kapamilya Parol is available in SM Kultura, selected ABS-CBN Regional Network Stations, selected provincial department stores such as LCC Malls and FiestaWorld Malls, and at the ABS-CBN Store. It is also available globally and nationwide, online, through


By buying a Kapamilya parol, you not only spread the light, you are also being part of an effort to help disaster-affected Kapamilyas. Proceeds from the parol sales will be donated to Sagip Kapamilya, the ABS-CBN Foundation that provides relief to affected communities of disasters, as well as engage in rehabilitation and disaster risk reduction projects.

The proceeds from this project are to go to the families directly affected by the recent calamities of 2012, including orphaned children who are under the continued care and assistance of Sagip Kapamilya.


We invite you to help spread the light this Christmas by sharing a Parol with a less fortunate family in the Philippines. When you choose to DONATE A PAROL, ABS-CBN will give a parol in your name to a child or family affected by the calamities of 2012. Likewise, a donation is also still made to Sagip Kapamilya with your purchase of a parol. Once the parol has been given, you will receive an e-mail with the name of the child or family that has received your gift, and when possible, a photo of the recipients as well.

To Donate a Parol and make a child happy, just go to the ABS-CBN Store Page and click DONATE A PAROL.

You can also buy the parol through Kapamilya Gift-Together